Transfer Pump

COTV Type Vertical Easy-Dismounting Electric Centrifugal Pump

Description of Vertical Inline Centrifugal Pump:

COTV series vertical inline centrifugal pump are designed in an easy dismounting ways to reduce the maintenance cost. The performance of COTV pump and COT pump is the same. And the impellers they used are also the same. Comparing with the horizontal pump, it only requires haft the floor space. So it can meet the needs where assembling space is limited.

The pump shaft and motor shaft are separated and assembled by coupling. Without any crane equipment, no matter how big the motor power is, one and only one person can replace the motor bearing and mechanical seal within 20 minutes.

Vertical Inline Centrifugal Pump Design Feature:

1. Vertically mounted design for space-saving.
2. Fully enclosed and well-balanced impeller is designed to reduce the vibration and noise.
3. The bearing and mechanical seal can be changed without moving the motor and pipeline.
4.Casing with electrophoresis treatment to anti-rust.

Performance Data of Vertical Electric Centrifugal Pump :