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NMZV Type Vertical Split Casing Centrifugal Pump

Vertical Split Case Pumps Description:

NMZV series are vertical, single-stage, axially split volute casing, double suction, centrifugal pumps. It’s the vertically mounted type of NMZ series. They share the same volute casings, impellers, and shafts. Comparing with the horizontal pump, vertical water pump only requires haft the floor space. So it can meet the needs where assembling space is limited.

Vertical Split Casing Centrifugal  Pump Design Features:

1. Vertically mounted design for space saving
2. Double suction impeller minimizes axial load, which extends the life of the wear ?rings, shaft seals and bearings
3. Independent bearing housing design allows maintaining the bearing without removing the upper volute casing
4. Axially split casing design makes it’s easy to remove the upper casing and rotary components without disturbing the motor and the pipework.
5. Double volute design of some models can reduce radial forces and minimizes noise and vibration
6. Wear rings can protect casing from the abrasion of the impeller.
7. High efficiency

Operation Data of Vertical Split Case Water Centrifugal Pump: