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RAP Series Stainless Steel Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Inline Pump

Description of Vertical Multistage Pump:

RAP series closed coupled stainless steel vertical multistage centrifugal inline pumps are driven by standard motors. All parts contact with water made of SS304. The pump head, suction and discharge part can be made in cast iron on request too. The pressure-resistant cylinder and flow passage components are fixed between the pump head and inlet & outlet section with four stay-bolts. With high reliability, high efficiency and advanced technology, these pumps are capable of satisfying multiple applications in the water market.

Vertical Multistage centrifugal pump Design Feature:
1. The main parts such as an impeller, diffuser, and stage are pressed and joined by a stainless punch, with very smooth flow channels, high head, high efficiency, anti-corrosive and super powerful operating time, prevent producing the second pollution.
2. Bearing and mechanical seal have used a famous brand with high reliability.
3. The inlet and outlet can be a screw pipe joint connection, flange connection or cutting ferrule style ready-packaged joint, convenience for connecting.
4. The same inlet and outlet are in line. It can be installed in the pipeline with the advantage of high pressure, small area. It has gained national patent.
5. The series pump has an outstanding outline, tight structure, high efficiency and easy maintenance.

Operation Data of Vertical Multistage Water Pump :