Centurio Series
Mengukur hingga 10 parameter

CENTURIO controllers feature multi-parameter digital control systems capable of meeting all chemical dosing management needs thanks to their simple interface and high-performance hardware and software.

CENTURIO PRO is the uncompromising, complete and versatile solution, equipped with all the main reading parameters and all the most important functions for managing dosing systems.

  •  REMOTE CONTROL ETHERNET or 2G/3G option configurations are remotely manageable through portal: www.ermes-server. com.
  •  PERMANENT DATA STORAGE (WITHOUT BATTERY) with system log on display
  •  ERMES communication
  •  mA (0-20mA) input
  •  Water meter input
  •  EASY-MOUNT mounting system
  •  ARM A5 microprocessor
  •  4.3” LCD Full Color Touchscreen Display
  •  LINUX operating system

CENTURIO control instruments are multiparameter measurement and regulation systems that combine an absolute control and an extreme ease of use with the elegance of the case created by Giugiaro Design.

CENTURIO PRO is a digital control instrument designed for multiparameter control of dosing systems for water treatment. It is equipped with LINUX operating system, high-performance ARM A5 microprocessor and a large color touchscreen display.

It enables you to manage all the main measurement parameters (conductivity, chlorine, pH, ORP, tracers, inductive conductivity, turbidity, disinfectants, dissolved oxygen, chemical levels and mA Input), read and regulate setpoints of the 11 channels. In particular, for each reading channel it has 2 digital setpoints (ON/OFF), 2 proportional setpoints (IS), 1 mA output setpoint and 1 Temperature setpoint; it is also possible to set 6 timers with a maximum of 10 daily schedules each.

CENTURIO can get real-time graphs and has also an high-capacity storage to archive data logs as well as download option via USB port. It is compatible with the exclusive EMEC remote control system ERMES and can be connected to the internet through Ethernet port or WIFI and 3G modules (optional), in order to be remotely regulated and controlled by using any PC, smartphone or tablet and any browser. CENTURIO is also provided with MODBUS serial communication protocol (optional) to be connected with other devices inside RS485 networks.

The new “EASY-MOUNT” mounting system makes the installation of CENTURIO remarkably simple and quick, while its case can be easily opened with side zipper and captive screws.