HTT-SP Mag-Drive Turbine Pump Self-Priming

HTTSP pumps can prime over 5 m with water at ambient temperature. The casing is made from a PP solid machined block and the impeller in PVDF for maximum chemical resistance. The casing is machined from a solid block. The impeller in PVDF is self-balanced to eliminate thrust bearing wear and it is separate to minimize the maintenance costs. This kind of pump offers maximum resistance withstanding also external corrosion. It handles up to 20% entrained gas and resists cavitation.

Typical applications: 
▪ High corrosive liquids
▪ Toxic, noxious and carcinogenic liquids
▪ Handles up to 20% entrained gas, resists cavitation

Flow 0,2÷6 m3/h 1÷32 GPM
Max Head 24 mcl 110 ft
Temp 0°/+90° C 32°/+190° F
Mawp 6 BAR 90 PSI
  • Max flow: 6 m3/h; max head 28 mlc
  • Max temperature:
    • PP: 70°C
    • PVDF: 90°C
  • High torque magnetic coupling
  • Chemical resistant PTFE/carbon sleeve bearings
  • Static shaft in high purity ceramic
  • Direct starting motor