Dedicated technology for processing livestock slurry, biogas, and civil/industrial effluents.

We are designer and manufacturer of machines (chopper pumps, screw press separators, mixers/agitarors) for the processing of livestock slurry, biogas, and civil/industrial effluents. Thirty years’ experience, first in the processing of livestock slurry and later extending into the biogas and industrial sectors, enables us to ensure our customers an extremely Reliable and Professional Service.

Our flagship products are our separators, chopper pumps, mixers and Biocells.

Our products are manufactured entirely at our sites in Correggio (Reggio Emilia, Italy).

PT Chemitra Abadi as official distributor for all CRI-MAN products in Indonesia.


Planetary gearbox.
Propeller in stainless steel with self-cleaning profile.

• Rpm: 320 – 940 (50Hz) (380 – 1130 (60Hz))
• Motor power: 1,5 – 25 kW (2 – 34 HP)
• Axial thrust: 230 – 5396 N (52 – 1206 lb)
• Capacity: 643 – 10138 m³/h (2831 – 44638 US gpm)
• Max working temp: 40 °C (104 °F)


1. Double sealing system
Sealing system composed of two lip seals on a ceramic bushing (TBM Series only) and tungsten carbide mechanical seal.
2. Planetary gearbox (TBM Series only)
Reduced energy consumption and longer gear life.
3. High axial thrust efficiency
Electric motor, mechanical components and propeller profile designed to achieve high efficiency in terms of axial thrust and low energy consumption. Data according to ISO 21630 Standard
4. Thermal probe sensors
Double thermal probes, immersed in the stator, prevent overheating of the electric motor and preserve its operating life.
5. Humidity probe (on request)
Humidity probe installed in the gearbox to prevent damage in the case of leakage.
6. Self-cleaning propeller
Propeller in stainless steel with self-cleaning profile.